Vasteel Technology

The RVR series are one of many machines created thanks to the use of Vasteel Technology.

In the Thunder Force series, the term Vasteel Technology is used to refer every technological invention on planet Earth whose origin is traced directly from Vasteel.

Origin of the termEdit

The term was created in Thunder Force V, as humans discovered the "Vastian's Steel" ("Vasteel" for short), this ship was not only the evidence to confirm mankind wasn't alone in the universe, it was also the key to mankind's largest step on its technological evolution, resulting in the creation of multiple inventions and discoveries based on the extraterrestrial technologies which made Vasteel a formidable ship. Every technological progress whose origins can be traced to Vasteel was named as "Vasteel Technology".

Technologies and Weapons created by Vasteel TechnologyEdit

Almost every scientific advance of the early 22nd century can be traced directly to Vasteel.

  • Nuclear-fusion power plants: Based on Vasteel's propulsion system, humans created Nuclear-fusion energy plants which supply the world with inexhaustible energy.
  • Molecular superconductors running at room temperatures: Taken directly from Vasteel's anti-gravity system, with this advantage the Molecular superconductors no longer require a specific temperature to work properly.
  • Time-space distortion fields: Based on Vasteel's Time-Space Distortion Field, thanks to this, mankind was able to make a short-range leap from one point to another throughout the cosmos. This technology seems to be perfected on the Phoenix Brigandine A-Parts Sub Unit in Thunder Force VI, making possible the "Earth - Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence" Gate warp.
  • Circulate-Death: A new method of cloning which takes the concept to a new level. Circulate-Death it's the resurrection of a person using clone cultivation. It is only used on the best pilots (Thunder Force 222 to be exact), considering it as the highest honor given to a pilot since the technology and resources are too expensive to be spent on average pilots.
  • RVR Series: Series of new generation starfighters which are Earth-made copies of Vasteel. The only RVR's created were the RVR-01 "Gauntlet", RVR-02 "Vambrace", RVR-03G "Sword Breaker" and the RVR-00 "Phoenix".
  • CRAW: Based on Vasteel's "Thunder Claw". CRAW units are spherical radioactive central cores which provides major firepower to an RVR.
  • Brigandine: The "Extra Body Equipment" of an RVR, originally used by the RVR-02, renaming it as "RVR-02B", it was later used on the RVR-00 as the "Phoenix Brigandine".
  • Sword Fleet: Originally concieved as massive emigration starships with the capacity for interstellar travel, and terraforming systems, but the Government failed to tell the truth: The so-called emigration ships were in fact heavily armed battleships, equipped with experimental Vasteel weaponry.
  • Extra Weapon Bay: When the Guardian restored Vasteel, it fitted the ship with its own version of the Brigandine to fight the RVR-02B appropiately.

Refined Vasteel Technology Edit

This new version of Vasteel Technology makes its debut in Thunder Force VI. To fight back the ORN Empire on Earth, scientists and researchers had no choice but to use the once banned Vasteel Technology to fight back. Judging by its name, the technology was perfected and incorporated in all Earth's military systems.

  • New RVR program: A restart on the Earth Side fighters, resulting in the creation of the RVR-00 "Phoenix" and the Phoenix Brigandine.
  • CRAW Macromolecule Assist: A new power-up system for the CRAWs used by the RVR-00, by absorbing the energy released by the destroyed ORN forces, the CRAW units can use that energy to charge the Over Weapon.

In-game Tagline Edit

The tagline appears below the Guardians Heart logo on the "Stage Title Card" and during the "ORN Signal" alert prior to boss battles.

Earth side Main Unit

The technology applies an Original Vasteel

And it is incorporated in all system.

Refined Vasteel Technology.