Fire LEO-05P Syrinx 08

Syrinx and a group of Styx seen on the teaser trailer.

Thunder Force VI was orginally planned to be released on the Sega Dreamcast. If the game was released, it would be the last game made by Tecno Soft.

The story of this game begins in 2000 when the game was rumored to be a Sega Dreamcast release until a teaser trailer was released, confirming the rumors about the game. However in 2001, Tecno Soft was purchased by Twenty-one, merging it into their R&D division, then the game was cancelled, until January 2008 when the company posted messages on the like "We will restart soon! Please wait for a while." and "THUNDERFORCE is a registered trademark.". With the announcement of the development of Thunder Force VI, the rights were pased to Kazue Matsuoka, one of the series' creators.

In October 30th 2008, Sega and Twenty-one released Thunder Force VI on the PlayStation 2

Proposed ShipsEdit

Although the game was cancelled and discarded, it gave us some cool, interesting designs.

  • Fire LEO-05P "Syrinx" (Probably an Earth Side-Galaxy Federation collaboration due to its RVR like colors.)
  • Styx Rev.2 (Seen flying with and without an extra equipment)
  • RVR-03G "Sword Breaker"

In the CD "Broken Thunder: Project Thunder Force VI", the original Styx, Rynex, Gauntlet and Vambrace also appeared, which would imply those ships would be included as the playable ships, in the CD, the RVR-03G is mentioned on the title of one of the tracks.


Thunder Force VI (Dreamcast) Trailer

Thunder Force VI (Dreamcast) Trailer

Despite being cancelled, many things related with this game were actually released