Thunder Force VI Continued

KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!! This game should be made!!

Thunder Force VII (サンダーフォース VII) is the potential sequel and maybe the final chapter in the Thunder Force series. However, since the "To Be Continued" on Thunder Force VI hinting an imminent sequel, there was (and still) no news about the seventh game, to make things worse, Sega's retire of developing games for consoles and focusing on mobile phone and PC games also means bad news for Thunder Force's future, unless another company decides to take the challenge of make Thunder Force VII. Until now (Sort of).

Sequel hints in Thunder Force VI Edit

The clues about a sequel could be traced in Thunder Force VI as we combine the three endings obtained by completing the game in different difficulties.

Hint 1: The "Bad Ending" could be an indicator of things to come as the ORN Empire proposes an alliance to humanity by "discarding their foolishness" to save themselves, and realizing the sum of the power in the universe is beyond their control.

Hint 2: The second clue is in the normal ending obtained by playing with the RVR-00 "Phoenix". As the ORN Empire is destroyed on their homeworld, the Galaxy Federation gets information about the Earth from the Phoenix-installed Guardian, now transformed into the Syrinx. As the Federation fleet gets the message from the Guardian, the Syrinx reunits with a Rynex-R squadron as they head back to one of the ships. Meanwhile, the Guardian gets a message from the Federation ship telling them they will head "to their star" on the other side of "the sea of stars".

Hint 3: The Good Ending is the third and last clue of the hints about Thunder Force VII. A message from Rynex pilot Carol T. Mars mentions about how they survived the destruction of Vios at the end of Thunder Force IV and their contact with the human race when they got rescued by the Sekika 3 probe. At the end of the message, she requests to "Send an investigation team" after tracing the point of origin of the message. During the message, a ship called "New Rynex" is seen flying.

If we put these hints together, they bring light on the potential premise of Thunder Force VII. Earth makes a truce/alliance with the remaining ORN Empire forces, while Carol and Roy are fighting against them on their own in the "New Rynex" as they wait for the Operation 3-Galaxy Federation forces to arrive on Earth and defeat ORN once and for all.

-The Time War- Project Thunder Force VII feat.ご注文はうさぎですか? Edit


Maybe...Some day it'll come true?

 In 2016, a Taiwanese user uploaded a article on Taiwan's social media "Bahamut"(巴哈姆特)about his plan to make "Thunder Force VII"  game, but not as everyone thoughts; In his plan,this game was not the final, but a new start for Thunder Force series.
Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka volume 1 cover

Really!? Are you serious? They're going to join "Project Thunder Force"?

 But,in his plan, this game was not going to add any new ships, instead, he's going to re-design every Fire LEO and RVR ships and do some modify on their weapons.

He also said that Cenes Crawford will never be a pilot of Thunder Force ships,instead,she was going to be the trainer of new pilots. Strangefully the new pilots are all from anime Gochūmon wa Usagi Desu ka? ("Is the order a rabbit?").

Cocoa Hoto (Pilot of RVR-03B "Phoenix-P")

Chino Kafu (Pilot of RVR-L2B "Rynex-R")

Tedeza Rize (Pilot of RVR-L3B "Styx-K ")

Ujimatsu Chiya (Pilot of RVR-01B "Gauntlet-M")

Kirima Syaro (Pilot of RVR-L1B "Lightning LEO").

Planned Gameplay Edit

Unreal Engine logo and wordmark-0

The Claptrap Engine, now available for Vasteel Technology.

In his plan, this game will not only have a few maps before,instead, it'll have over 80 stages in story mode,each stage may have 4~7maps,maxium to 20~35 maps. And he has added some new interesting things into the game, like you can change your CRAW and weapon by using points that players get in every stages; and everyday over 22 p.m, pilots will go to sleep, if players want to play games in the midnight, they will had to woke them up first.

He said,this game will developed by Unreal Engine 4, and it will sell on Windows, Debian-based Linux, Red Hat-Based Linux, Android Phones, PS4 and XBOX 360.

Original Post of spogebob360 on Bahamut(Traditional Chinese)

A Upcoming Petition Edit


This June, make your decision! For the game! For Thunder Force VII!

After two years he posted his plan,and finally,he has a update for the project.

He said,he'll start a petition in June this year,and if there's more than 1500 signed,he'll start a founding project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

The recent post on his page(T.Chinese)