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If you have problems with Vasteel Technology, just call them.

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If you have problems with Vasteel Technology, just call them.

Featured in Thunder Force V, the Combat Unit 222, better known as the Special Flight Squadron "Thunder Force" or "Thunder Force 222" is the only thing that stands between the survival of mankind and its destruction in hands of the Guardian.

Thunder Force VEdit

The Government scrapped together all the resources remaining and formed Combat Unit 222, made up of seven RVR-01 Gauntlet starfighters with a grand total of three test flights between them. The unit (my unit) was called Thunder Force. Overly bombastic? You betcha.
But we needed every psychological advantage we could get, including flying in a squadron that sounds like an organization of exhibitionist superheroes.

Thunder Force V: Perfect System - Cenes Crawford's Report

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Wolf Brandish is one of the members of the "Thunder Force" unit.

In the aftermath of the Second Annihilation, what remained of the World Unified Government miraculously scraped enough of its resources to produce the RVR-01 "Gauntlet", a duplicate of the original Vasteel in every way.

An elite combat unit is formed to pilot the Gauntlet fighters and destroy Babel and Guardian
before mankind is snuffed out of existence, the unit's code name: Thunder Force.

A special combat Flight unit of seven RVR-01 Gauntlet fighters, formed in 2151 to destroy Babel and defeat Guardian. The "FLIGHT" teams ID is "KNIGHTS", also earning them the nickname "Knight's Of Legend".
Many of the Thunder Force pilots are also members of the RVR development program, including engineers and CTN (cybernetic terminal module) members.

Known Team members of Thunder Force 222Edit

  • Tfv6
    Cenes Crawford - Sky Colonel and team leader of the unit. Her Callsign is "Phoenix", she's called "KNIGHT 1"
  • Wolf Brandish - Wing Major, "KNIGHT 2" and next in the chain of command as Jr. Flight Officer for Cenes. Wolf's Callsign is "Redeemer". He was originally an engineer on both "Gauntlet" and "Vambrace" projects. While holding military rank, on the Flight Team due to his enlistment within the U.E.G.'s military forces, Wolf was not a Circulate-Death pilot at all, like his 4 squad members. He was chosen personally by Sky Col. Crawford due to his unmatched knowledge of the RVR's Flight Control System. This knowledge makes his skill with the craft allmost unmatched, by even Sky Col. Crawford herself. His actions in battle have earned him the nickname "Schwarzer Hund". Wolf will make an appearance later in Broken Thunder.

Thunder Force VI (Cancelled Dreamcast Game)Edit

Thunder Force 222

Thunder Force 222 by Garow

Since Dreamcast's Thunder Force VI was cancelled, there's zero-to-none knowlege about the game, but judging from Garow's artworks, we can suppose the Combat Unit 222 will work together with the Galaxy Federation, in a combat force consisting of Styx, Rynex, Gauntlet, Vambrace and introducing the Fire LEO-05P "Syrinx", a possible Earth-Galaxy Federation joint project.

Revival as "Operation 3" (Thunder Force VI) Edit

Operation 3 Stage 5 Title Card

We're renamed... again.

During the events of Thunder Force VI, it is highly plausible that sometime in 2161 the Combat Unit 222 became what is known as the "Operation 3" initiative, since the name "Thunder Force Team" is mentioned and it uses the same logo as Thunder Force 222, with an added heart on the lightning bolt.