Syrinx (Thunder Force VI PS2) 01

Syrinx as seen on the title screen of Thunder Force VI.

For the interpretation of Syrinx from the cancelled Dreamcast version of Thunder Force VI, see: Fire LEO-05P "Syrinx".

The Syrinx is one of the three playable ships of the game Thunder Force VI. It is considered as a fighter with an unknown power due to the combination of technologies involved on its creation.

C=CTNs=C is the pilot of this ship.


The Syrinx design was retaken from the proposed design from the cancelled Dreamcast version of Thunder Force VI. It has a fuselage very similar to the RVR-01 "Gauntlet", with a large Photon Rifle and two smaller CRAW Control Units like the RVR-02 "Vambrace". Unlike the RVRs, the Syrinx features variable geometry on its wings, which can be deployed (Attack Mode) and folded (Speed Mode) according to its speed during gameplay. The Speed Mode is the default mode and only changes to its Attack Mode when the player uses an Over Weapon.

Its colors were also changed. Unlike the initial RVR-like colors, the Syrinx bears a more Fire LEO accurate red and white color scheme on its wings and main CRAW Control Unit and a blue cockpit. To match the cockpit, the smaller CRAW Control Units are painted blue.

Origin and Current StatusEdit

Thunder Force VI - Ship Change

Thunder Force VI - Ship Change

At the end of its battle with ORN Faust and Vasteel Nocht, the RVR-00 "Phoenix" comes into contact with the ORN Faust core, becoming subject to a major transformation where Earth-made Refined Vasteel Technology, ORN Empire technology, ORN Faust's power and the stolen and assimilated programming of the Styx, Rynex and Gauntlet merge into one "supertechnology", resulting in the creation of a hybrid starfighter.

Although it also absorbed ORN Faust's influence during its transformation, the ship is unaffected due to the Guardian's Heart installed on the RVR-00 and the Galaxy Federation's databanks, which worked as countermeasures, giving the human pilot full control of the ship. Being such an extensive hybrid, the Syrinx is the most powerful ship available in the game.

After destroying the ORN Emperor, the Syrinx docks on one of the Galaxy Federation ships, after passing data about the Earth to the Federation forces.


Due to its origins as the RVR-00, the Syrinx is equipped with the same weapons of the Phoenix, with changes in some of its Over Weapons.

  • Twin Shot / Sword: While the normal shot remains the same as it was on its former Phoenix form, the Syrinx version of the Twin Shot is more powerful, while the "Sword" Over Weapon was changed from a energy beam into a super-heated flamethrower.
  • Back Shot / Chain: The normal shot and its Over Weapon mode remains the same as it was on the RVR-00.
  • Wave / Spell: The Wave shot was changed from its Thunder Force III-like shots into a large red energy beam that passes though all objects and damages all enemies in its line of fire like it was in Thunder Force V. Its "Spell" Over Weapon becomes a much larger and more powerful stream than normal. While in Thunder Force V, the Wave was a weak weapon, in Thunder Force VI it becomes one of the strongest weapons in the Syrinx's arsenal.
  • Free Range / Whip: Both the normal and Over Weapon modes of the Free Range remains the same.
  • Hunter / Needle: The normal shot of the Hunter was changed, the ship fires glowing balls of purple light in three different directions that home in on enemies that appear on-screen. It is not very powerful, but it is effective at hitting targets. Its "Needle" Over Weapon remains the same.

Additional DataEdit

  • To unlock the Syrinx, the player has to complete the game in Normal using the Rynex-R.
  • The new colors for the Syrinx were changed from the original unreleased Dreamcast version of the game at SEGA's request.