Sword Fleet 02

Sword Art Orbital.

The Sword Fleet is a massive armada of battleships from the game Thunder Force V, this ships got their name due to it's blade-like design, they're under control by Judgement Sword.

Origin of the Sword FleetEdit

Sword Fleet 03

Intergalactic travel?, terraforming?, No way!

In 2145 A.C., The Guardian decided to incorporate Vasteel technology on the construction of massive starships with the capacity for interstellar travel, and terraforming systems that can transform hostile planetary atmospheres into human-friendly climates rich with oxygen.
While the ships are built and stockpiled within Babel, the World United Government was searching planets throughout the Milky Way galaxy as candidates for settlement.
All of this sounded bright and promising, but the Government failed to tell the truth to the citizens: Babel's emigration ships were in fact heavily armed battleships, equipped with experimental Vasteel weaponry.

First Annihilation and End of the Sword FleetEdit

Sword Fleet 01

Death from above.

Then, in 2150, the Guardian, which had gained independent self-consciousness, suddenly declared war on the entire human race for reasons unknowned.

- Thunder Force V: Perfect System's Opening Narration

When the Guardian declared war against Earth and the human race, the Sword Fleet became one of the most powerful weapons on its arsenal, obliterating the humans battleships, and obliterated over a third of Earth's population in the event known as the First Annihilation. However, some of the Sword Fleet was destroyed by the RVR-02B "Brigandine" while the rest meet their end in hands of the Self Destruct signal sent by Judgement Sword.

Sword Fleet VS ORN EmpireEdit

TF VI Sword Ship

Redefining the word "Cutting Edge".

In the Opening movie of Thunder Force VI, a fleet of Sword-like battleships is seen fighting the ORN forces on Earth, the ORN attack was repelled with help of the Thunder Force team and a Brigandine equipped RVR-00 "Phoenix", moments before it warped to help the Galaxy Federation forces.