Thunder Force VI PS2 Intro

Thunder Force VI PS2 Intro

As its name implies, Opening is (obviously) the opening theme of Thunder Force VI. It was composed by BETTA FLASH, with Cyua on the vocals. This calmed-paced theme is the prelude to the incoming battle between the RVR-00 "Phoenix" and the ORN forces on Earth as it makes its way to the homeworld of the Galaxy Federation.

Opening Video Edit

The opening video shows us a glimpse of a distant planet and the Guardian's Heart, changing to a far away view of Earth, as the camera gets close to the planet's orbit, a battle against ORN Empire's battleships is seen. As the Unified Earth Government perpares their space forces, including a new Sword Fleet, they prove to be uneffective against the Volbados fleet. In the middle of the battle, Operation 3 commence the launch preparations of the new RVR Series, connecting the Sub Unit A and B Parts with the new RVR unit, resulting the creation of the Phoenix Brigandine and the connection of the unit with the Guardian, implying the AI was installed on the RVR. As the Sword battleships and the UEG starfighters are suffering heavy damages, the Phoenix Brigandine blasts off into space, destroying the Volbados battleships in orbit by using its Sword and Rail Gun Over Weapon and a homing "Laser Rain" attack after ejecting the Sub Unit B Parts. As the ORN ships explode, the Phoenix Brigandine activates the Warp Gate cruise to the Galaxy Federation's star system, as the Warp Gate is crossed, screens of the previous Thunder Force games can be seen before the Phoenix Brigandine appears to eject the Sub Unit A Parts, detaching the RVR-00 "Phoenix". Meanwhile, in the Federation's star system, several battleships and Rynex-R's are preparing for the incoming fight, while Phoenix heads to one of the planets.

Flashbacks Edit

As the RVR-00 headed to the Galaxy Federation's world, the following games were seen in the "flashback screens".

Trivia Edit

  • Parts of the space battle and Phoenix Brigandine scenes were re-used on the Take Off sequence for the RVR-00.