Legendary Wings

Legendary Wings is a doujin Thunder Force game designed by Venomteam in 2013

Graphics and Sounds Edit

Athough the game is based on Thunder Force V, and uses the RVR-01 sprite/CG from the game, it also uses graphics lifted from other shoot em' up games.

The music and sound effects are mostly from Thunder Force V, but also borrows from other games like G-Darius and Megaman X.

Credits Edit

Federico "Venom" Botaini - Programmer

Giani "AT Ryo Sakazaki" Finocchi - Graphics artist

Nicola "UaiZ" Bianchi - Debugger / Beta Tester

Simone "Bouledouge" Nocentini - Debugger / Beta Tester

The "Steel of Destiny" audio track used is Pandora, a song by Maurizio "Mitsuhashi" Seghi

Gallery Edit

Link Edit - Download link.

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