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The Fire LEO-04 "Rynex" is the main ship featured in the game Thunder Force IV as the newest model in the Fire LEO series developed by the Galaxy Federation, also known as "Vasteel Original" by the humans of Earth, and was the basis of the RVR series in Thunder Force V.

Rynex can be considered the series' flagship model and mascot, as the starfighter has appeared in a majority of the games (Thunder Force IV-VI), all of which it played a significant role in.

Thunder Force IVEdit

Built as their last chance against the Vios forces, the Galaxy Federation launched this small starfighter, which was designed to be more powerful than its predecessor: Fire LEO-03 "Styx'.

Rynex 05

Rynex during the intro sequence of Thunder Force IV

Design and WeaponsEdit

TF IV Rynex 01

Rynex as it was launched on the beginning of the game.

When the Rynex was launched, it featured a CLAW control system similar to the one used by the Styx, with similar CLAWs that powered up the Rynex weapons: Twin Shot, Back Shot, Snake, Free Way and Hunter. The basic weapons could be upgraded to Blade and Rail Gun.

Like most of its predecessors, Rynex can obtain shielding technology that can allow it to absorb three hits before being disabled.


The Rynex, alongside six Styx fighters confronting the ORN Faust after destroying the Volbados

Rynex with CLAW

Rynex after obtaining the Thunder Sword and CLAW modifications

During the pursuit of an ORN ship (Stage 5), three Styx fighters delivered the new CLAW system for Rynex, along with the new CLAW units: the Thunder CLAWs, which were equipped with the super weapon "Thunder Sword", a powerful short-range energy beam charged with the power of the Thunder CLAWs. This new equipment completed Rynex's power as a formidable starfighter. With its power at maximum, it headed to the Vios Fortress for destroy the remaining ORN forces once and for all, resulting in the destruction of the Fortress and victory for the Galaxy Federation.

The destruction of the Vios Fortress resulted in a chain reaction that caused a massive explosion that reached the Rynex and forcing the pilots to eject from the ship, leaving Rynex to face its destruction. The explosion damaged the ship, leaving a ruined wreck floating hopelessly in space without a destination.

Rynex 08

Rynex's first "death"

Thunder Force IV - Rynex and an unknown probe

The remains of the Rynex during the credits, note the strange, unidentified craft in the bottom-right corner, it could be Khaos installing itself into the mighty starfighter.

Rynex 06

What remained of the glorious Fire LEO-04

Thunder Force VEdit

In 2106, a weapon made by an alien intelligence was discovered orbiting the Solar System beyond Pluto.

It was named "Vastian's Steel" or "Vasteel"

Thunder Force V: Perfect System - Opening Narration

Rynex 07

The discovery of the "Vastian's Steel"

The explosion of the Vios fortress forced the Rynex pilots to eject from their ship due to a massive explosion caused by the destruction of the fortress, the explosion damaged Rynex, but it didn't destroy it, leaving it drifting in space (its not mentioned how long was wandering through space), until it reached the Solar System, where in the year 2106 A.D., the Space Probe "Sekika 3", a probe sent to study the comets in the Oort cloud, discovered the alien starfighter, confirming one thing for the humans on Earth: They're not alone in the universe. In the year 2108, Sekika returned to the Earth with the Rynex, which was named the "Vastian's Steel" ("Vasteel" for short) by mankind, and established an orbit on the Lunar base of the World United Government. The world's best and brightest scientists analyze the alien object with every tool at their disposal, and quickly determine the dazzling find to be a starcraft with technology so advanced that, in the words of one stunned researcher, "it's difficult to tell where the science ends and the magic begins."

Since the humans were unable to learn about the ship, they built a gigantic island in the South Pacific Ocean called "Babel", along with the Artificial Intelligence known as the Guardian, to delve into the mysteries of Rynex, and they succeeded. The Guardian not only proved it was capable of deciphering the Vasteel's complex systems through reverse engineering, but also in implementing and advancing the technology which had made the Rynex so formidable as a starfighter. From that point on, every major discovery of that era was attributed to Vasteel and the many wonders that the ship contained were known as "Vasteel Technology". But in 2150, the Guardian went rogue while reading the memory database from Rynex, starting the First and Second Annihilations, in a desperate struggle of survival, the United Earth Government scrapped all its remaining resources for create a combat team consisting of seven RVR-01 Gauntlet fighters, forming the Combat Unit #222, known as Thunder Force 222.

TF V Rynex

Vasteel Original

Rynex is seen again as the 5th boss in Thunder Force V, once the Sword Fleet was destroyed by Judgement Sword, the Rynex engages in combat with the RVR-02B "Brigandine" using it's normal weapons, but it is overpowered by the RVR's Over Weapons and retreats, just for return with a large piece of equipment known as the Extra Weapon Bay, Vasteel's own version of the Brigandine, but unlike the RVR's, Rynex have three different Extra Weapon Bays for fight Vambrace and Brigandine. But even with those weapons, Rynex was destroyed once and for all by Vambrace.

REFFI DescriptionEdit

As all the bosses in Thunder Force V, the player gets REFFI's information about Rynex Vasteel Original.

Thunder Force V (Japan Release) Edit

=== ALERT! ===

The enemy is approaching fast!

Area Guard Name: Vasteel Original

That was when it all began.

Code: ES_SP048_SS

Weak point: Body, Extra Weapon Bay

Weapon: It has not yet been confirmed, but it seems to have offensive capabilities equal or greater than Gauntlet.

Comment: A body consisting of a Vasteel Original to which extra equipment was added.

Thunder Force V: Perfect System (US Release) Edit

=== ALERT! ===

The enemy is dead ahead!

Area Guard Name: Vasteel Original

That was when it all began.

Code: ES_SP048_SS

Weak points: Body, Extra Weapon Bay

Weapon: Unconfirmed reports have claimed its offensive capabilities are greater than the RVR-01 Gauntlet.

Comment: The original Vasteel has been completely restored and augmented with several additional weapons.

Thunder Force VIEdit


The newly enhanced Rynex.

New Fire LEO

Unknown Fire LEO, it might be Rynex's new body.

10 years after the events of Thunder Force V, the once again destroyed Rynex, along with the remaining Vasteel Technology was abandoned and sealed by the government shows a startling synchronization with ORN Faust's approach. As researchers analyze the once forbidden technology they had abandoned ten years ago, they find an alarming message embedded within the fragments. It is said that Vasteel was once "Rynex", the ultimate weapon created by the extraterrestrial power called the Galaxy Federation, used to combat the evil ORN Empire. The message also contained a warning of their impending arrival and an interstellar call for help against the Orn forces, which is trying to spread its influence of death and destruction to other parts of the universe. In addition, the storage cells within Vasteel material contains four space coordinates leading to the homeworld of the Galaxy Federation. Left with no other choice, scientists recreate the Vasteel technology into the experimental starfighter known as the RVR-00 "Phoenix", mankind's last hope against ORN Faust.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Federation managed to to take advantage of the original Rynex's design and successfully mass-produced the craft in large quantities. This mass production model was called Fire LEO-04C "Rynex-R". The ship needs specific amount of skill to pilot it (a parallellism to why the Earth Side Circulate-Death pilots are the only ones able to pilot the RVR-01). The weaponry was also improved, as the Thunder Sword add-on is now implemented from the start, though it is inferior to the destructive power employed by the original. However the ship makes up for this by strengthening diversion of each armaments. One of these particular crafts (the one controlled by the player) is said to have been produced using the parts from the original Rynex.

During the attack against the Volbados battleship, the ORN Empire engaged the Earth-Galaxy Federation team with their own version of Vasteel Technology called "Vasteel Nocht", which was created using data and programming based on Styx, Rynex and Gauntlet ships.

In the endings of Rynex-R and Syrinx, it is revealed that Rynex cockpit was ejected, and recovered by a new Fire LEO body frame which can be an enhanced Rynex or a completely different model, until Thunder Force VII is released, that mystery will remain unsolved.

Weapons Edit

Thunder Force IV Edit

As with its predecessor, the Rynex boasts a total of five weapons, two of which are unlocked by default and can be upgraded further.

Twin Shot - A twin stream of rapid firing energy shots are unleashed directly in front of the fighter. This is one of the initial weapons and cannot be lost upon death.
Back Shot - A single stream of rapid firing energy shots are unleashed in front and back of the fighter. This is one of the initial weapons and cannot be lost upon death.
Blade - An upgrade to the Twin Shot, this shoots out rapid firing energy blades in front of the fighter.
Rail Gun - An upgrade to the Back Shot, this shoots out two powerful lasers in the rear of the fighter.
Snake - This napalm bomb shoots directly up and down. Upon impact, a stream of explosions traverses the ground. A single energy stream is also shot in front.
Free Way - This weapon can fire in any direction, firing in the opposite moving direction of the fighter. It shoots a five shot 45 degree fan of missiles, with 1 missile shot in the ends, 2 in the median, and 3 in the middle. Also, a energy stream is shot backwards of the main fire.
Hunter - This weapon is exactly like the Hunter from Thunder Force III. Energy balls are shot in a rapid three-way stream and homes in on any enemy on screen. They are not too powerful but very accurate.
CLAW - A twin pod support unit that adds to the Rynex's firepower and acts as a makeshift shield as it is able to block some enemy shots.
Upgraded Claw/Thunder Sword - The Claws are upgraded and enable the Rynex to shoot the powerful Thunder Sword. This is done by not firing and wiating till electricity surrounds the Claws, then firing. One must be careful when using it as the fighter will be pushed back a little from the force of the blast.
Shield - A shield surrounds the Rynex and can sustain three hits before dissipating.

Thunder Force VI (as Fire LEO-4C "Rynex-R") Edit

The mass-produced successor of the Rynex retains five weapons just like the original. While most remain unchanged, some such as the Free Way have been replaced with a more mordenized successor. Unlike it's predecessor, it's default weapons cannot be upgraded, but it does however make up for this lacking feature with the use of the Over Weapon variants.

Twin Shot - The basic weapon equipped on the ship from the start, it fires two orange parallel lasers that shoot rapidly.
Over Weapon - The powerful Thunder Sword cannon is shot out for about 10 seconds that can decimate large targets. However, this is not as long as the Rynex's version, extending only a short distance away.
Back Shot - As the name suggests, the ship fires shots from its rear against ambushing enemy units.
Over Weapon - Fires the Rail Gun from Thunder Force IV. Three powerful lasers are shot behind while one is shot in front.
Blade - First seen and used by the Rynex in Thunder Force IV, then by the RVR-02 Vambrace in Thunder Force V. The Rynex-R uses the Blade instead of the Wave. It fires blades just like it did in previous games. The Blade is stronger than the Twin Shot of the Rynex-R in terms of damage.
Over Weapon - Fires the Mega from Thunder Force II. Three blue Blades shoot ahead while two shoot in the rear.
Free Range - As indicated on screen as a hexagon-shaped targeting reticle when used, the ship fires and destroys enemies with blue lasers within the field range. The field is not able to be moved, but it covers all around the Rynex-R. Although it does cover a big portion of the combat area, it does not have the focused range compared to the Phoenix and Syrinx.
Over Weapon - Fires the Five weapon from Thunder Force II. The upper/lower shots arc back 45 degrees then shoot forward, while the middle up/down shots arc 60 degrees forward and shoot in front.
Hunter - The ship fires glowing balls of green light in 3 different directions that home in on enemies that appear on-screen. It is not very powerful, but it is effective at hitting targets.
Over Weapon - Six rapid firing streams of big energy shots are released: two on top, two on bottom, and two to the front. They do not home in as well as the original, but are more powerful.
CRAW - Two support pods that assist in firing and acting as a makeshift shield as they orbit the Rynex-R and are invincible. They power the Shield and it will drain due to the weapons being currently used. If the CRAW support units are being utilized by a weapon needed to power it, eg. Back Shot, the shield is inactive during this period.
Thunder Force Rynex HQ


  • Thunder Force IV: Roy S. Mercury & Carol T. Mars
  • Thunder Force V: There's no information about who was piloting Rynex when it was rebuilt on Earth as Vasteel. It's possible that the ship was among the weapons remotely controlled by the Guardian.
  • Thunder Force VI (Rynex-R): Since the Rynex-R is mass produced, there's many pilots among the Galaxy Federation, but the player uses the Rynex-R piloted by Gene S. Mercury.
  • Thunder Force VI (Mysterious "New Rynex"): If the mysterious ship seen on both Rynex-R and Syrinx endings is in fact a "New Rynex", it's pilot could be Roy and Carol.