Cenes Crawford 01

Cenes, as seen in Thunder Force V.

Cenes Crawford (sometimes written as Cenes = CTN = Crawford) is the main protagonist of Thunder Force V.

She is the leader of the combat unit 222, later renamed as Thunder Force 222, Her callsign is "Phoenix", and is also known as "KNIGHT 1".


Thunder Force V - Saturn Manual

Cenes profile in the Saturn Manual of Thunder Force V.

Born in Berlin, Germany in the year 2109, Cenes is (or was) 32 years old. It is unknown what she looked like before the Circulate-Death cloning. As a C-D cultivated clone, her "body age" appeared to be 18 years old. She has white hair, black eyes with red pupils (probably a characteristic of Circulate-Death clones). Her height is 5.58 feet (1.70m) tall, and weighs 127.8 pounds (57.9kg).


Cenes Crawford 05

Way to die #222: STAR BLAMS

Cenes' first death was in 2141. During a firefight with two SW-03 Priests, then watched seven more appear out of nowhere on the short-range scanner. Cenes managed to take out three of them before a laser bolt ripped through the cockpit of her fighter and most of her abdomen. She makes us know that dying like that was "More than a bit painful".

Her second death was in 2146, during the Lunar Skirmish, and the circumstances behind it were embarrassing, as well. It was because that she wasn't even in combat at the time, just lazily reading the analysis of her last sortie and drinking a cappuccino while sitting on the bridge of the battleship to which she'd been assigned. Then, a high-powered and well-concealed laser on the moon's surface aimed, fired, and pierced through the weak spot in the battleship's shields with ridiculous ease. "Suffice to say I'm always jittery when I'm on a battleship these days" according to her.

Her third and last death takes place on the "Bad Ending", with Khaos Ascendant escaping from the doomed Judgement Sword. The destruction of the giant battleship inflicts critical damage on the RVR-02 Vambrace, leaving the starfighter floating almost hopeless in space. In this aftermath, the Guardian begs Cenes to "Please, destroy it.", which means she has to destroy the Vambrace to put an end to Vasteel Technology, but the truth of this is more horrific: with Babel damaged, and both Judgement Sword and Rynex gone, the RVR-02 was the next "host" for Khaos Ascendant. Cenes could fulfill the Guardian's last wish by triggering a power surge on the RVR's batteries, ripping the ship apart and giving final death to Khaos and its evil machinations, but this will also mean Cenes would die, again. However there was a small problem: the Guardian/Khaos retaliations destroyed the military complex where the DNA samples of all Circulate-Death members was stored. Realizing this, Cenes decides to sacrifice herself to destroy Khaos. Replying to the Guardian's words "May fortune be with you.", Cenes last words was: "Now for my last words.....I hope this ship blows up REAL good!"

Cenes in Thunder Force VIEdit


Close up of C=CTNs=C.

In the unlocked reports of Thunder Force VI, the identity of the RVR-00 "Phoenix" pilot is revealed to be C=CTNs=C, which is later revealed to be an acronym of Cenes=CTNs=Crawford (a clone of her). This is also seen on the RVR-00 transformation sequence, as a close up of Cenes' eyes is seen.

Cenes in Broken Thunder Edit

Broken Thunder - Cenes Crawford

"Omake" image of Cenes in Broken Thunder, probably intended to be the RVR-03G pilot.

Cenes appeared in one of the illustrations of Broken Thunder. Apparently, she was probably intended to reappear as the pilot of the RVR-03G "Bracer". However, this was discarded in favor of Sonya T. Cororka.

This image (along with many other game CGs and sketches) can be found by accessing the DVD on the computer.

Curiosities Edit

Similarities with Rei Ayanami Edit

Cenes share some similarities with the character from Neon Genesis Evangelion, starting with the "one dies and is replaced with another clone".

  • Clone of a dead person: Rei is a clone of Yui Ikari, while Cenes is a clone of herself, the original Cenes who died in 2141.
  • Mysterious appearance: Both characters have an almost emotionless expression, pale skin and red eyes.
  • "Even if i die, there are replacements": Cenes' second clone (and third life) sacrificed herself by self-destructing the RVR-02 Vambrace to destroy Vasteel Technology, just like Rei II did when she self-destruct Evangelion Unit-00 to kill Armisael.
  • "Maybe it's because i'm the Third": Rei III was the last clone in NGE, while C=CTNs=C in Thunder Force VI is the third and last clone of Cenes.

Other Curiosities Edit

VT 23-in-1

Her third (and last) death was to be put in "Deep Freeze" by Sub-Zero. (Picture from Pirated Game Museum)

  • The Super 23-in-1 VT6328 Famiclone cartridge features an image of Cenes as part of the "bootleg art" for an unofficial 8-bit port of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.
  • Although the profile mentions Cenes doesn't have known relatives, the "Report" from Thunder Force V Perfect System mentions before the first mission she sent e-mails to friends who hasn't written in months and videophoned relatives who she never saw in years.